PLANTS (w/ Julia Jost) | Grass Publishers, Brauweiler

Lose all your Strength (w/ Lukas Schmenger), zona Mista, London | KubaParis

What Does That Mean? (w/ Map.ache), Giegling, Weimar | Youtube

Chestfield, Provinz Schaufenster No. 11, Bochum | DailyLazy

Some of My Best Jokes Are Friends (w/ Ulrich Pester) Ad/Ad Project Space, Hannover | Ofluxo

Frizzante, Linn Lühn Gallery, Düsseldorf | KubaParis

Ears to the Ground, Linn Lühn Gallery, Düsseldorf | Linn Lühn

A Sailors Guide To Earth | Vimeo

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